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Video arsenal supplies powerful training, and quick tips for Canadian entrepreneurs, business owners, and sales professionals. Learn how to build a huge social media following, do all of your own content creation, build a sales team, start a profitable networking group, and more...

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Francois Alphonse

Francois Alphonse

Learn everything you can

The CIBN training helped me to successfully launch my own business. I joined other kinds of training but nothing was like the CIBN Boot Camps. and MasterMinds. It was simple enough to understand and apply, and yet complex enough to engage me and take me to the next level.
Rael Kalley

Rael Kalley

Leadership Summits

I recently attended the Leadership Summit all day as a live event in Calgary. There was phenomenal training by a variety of successful business owners. Great information. It was excellent use of my time. It is so exciting that it is now here online for everyone else to enjoy!
Rick McCulloch

Rick McCulloch

Marketing and Masterminds

I have been a part of The CIBN for a few years now. I have taken the Boot Camps, learned about social media, and regularly attended the live MasterMinds. The CIBN is continually coming out with more fantastic opportunities. I am even more thrilled as I have watched these online sessions!

Experience CIBN across all platforms

The Canadian Imperial Business Network is now offering networking and training for business owners across multiple platforms. Join in a live meeting in Calgary. Join an online community of entrepreneurs anywhere in Canada. All Online Members, Mixer Plus Club Members, Referral Club Members have access to our CIBN TV Tribe training here on this platform. MasterMind Members have access to all of this plus the Excalibur Training. As communities reach 200 Members in the Online Networking Platform live events and Mixers Plus Clubs are launched in those cities as well!

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